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Maine International Resource Directory
This Directory, published by the World Affairs Council of Maine, provides information on internationally-focused educational, governmental, and non-profit organizations which are either Maine-based or have local representatives.
Asia Society
The Asia Society believes that global competence is a crucial upgrade if our education system is to prepare all students for success in an interconnected world. It offers resources for students, educators, and schools.
Camden Conference
The Camden Conference's education programs are designed to promote knowledge, global perspectives, and opportunities for dialogue on world affairs, for high school and college educators and their students. The Educator's Guide is a component of the Camden Conference Curriculum Enrichment Program. It was was created in an effort to make the Camden Conference materials more accessible and user-friendly to teachers and students.
Celebrating Human Creativity - Globally Conscious Learners
This is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Maine. It assists in the transformation of teaching and learning experiences as well as supporting educators as they encourage young people to develop the skills necessary to interact with the world around them.
The Choices Program

This National Education Initiative was developed at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies. It is focused on creating curricula on current and historical international issues. The Choices Program offers workshops, institutes, and in-service programs for high school teachers. Course materials place special emphasis on the importance of educating students in their participatory role as citizens.
The Council on International Education Exchange
CIEE's Globalize Your Classroom Program was developed based on the notion that learning is about the relationships between people, and international educational exchange is the best way to foster mutual understanding between people around the world. By opening up classrooms and hosting exchanges, CIEE connects students within the class, as well as their entire community. CIEE provides lesson plans, resource,s and support for teachers who are interested in welcoming international students into their classrooms. 
ePals Global Community
ePals is the world's largest network of K-12 classrooms, enabling students and teachers to safely connect and collaborate with classrooms in more than 200 countries and territories in a protected, project-based learning network.
Global Connections Lunch Series
Teachers can bring their students to this free lunch event, hosted by the World Affairs Council of Maine and located at CIEE on Fore Street in Portland. The series occurs monthly, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. A number of high school students regularly attended these enlightening mid-day lectures on international issues. Bring your lunch and join in the discussion of exceptional global topics.
Global Nomads
GNG is an international non-profit organization, fostering dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth with the use of a diverse range of media. This includes interactive videoconferencing, webcasting, social networking, gaming, and participatory film making. Through technology, GNG is engaging and empowering young people worldwide.
Global Portland, Maine
This is a wealth of local and global resources aimed at inspiring Greater Portland citizens to act and grow as global citizens and entrepreneurs. Through the outreach of community residents, students, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, volunteers, and immigrants, Global Portland is dedicated to making Portland a global city. Global Portland aims to contribute to economic growth and educational opportunities, and inspire creativity.
Global Studies Outreach at Harvard
Global Studies Outreach at Harvard is a collaboration between regional and internationally focused centers and programs at Harvard University. These share a commitment to conduct educational outreach throughout New England and beyond. The primary goal is to help the general public, and especially K-12 teachers and students, better understand the complex world in which we live.

Going Global: A College Students Road Map to Studying Abroad
This guide from Affordable Colleges Online provides an in-depth look at what studying abroad is -- where to go, what to study -- as well as the financial factors to consider . Studying abroad can be a unique and fulfilling opportunity, but it can also be very costly. This guide tries to show students and their families that it's possible to study abroad without breaking the bank. Key elements include: popular destinations and subjects of study; the true cost of studying abroad and how to reduce it; tips for travel, safety, and finding housing while abroad; and alternatives to travel abroad programs, including internships, teaching, and volunteer opportunities.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
For over 30 years, the Harvard Graduate School of Education has offered professional education programs for educational leaders. They offer programs that directly impact the lives of students, educational institutions, and educators.
International Baccalaureate Schools
International Baccalaureate is a non-profit educational foundation, focused on students and professional development.
International Baccalaureate programs engage students aged 3 to 19, to develop the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to live, learn, and work in a rapidly globalizing world.
International Breakfast Series
These breakfast programs are hosted by the World Affairs Council of Maine. Teachers are welcome to bring high school classes to this event for free (excluding the dining portion). 
Maine Humanities Council
The Maine Humanities Council is dedicated to providing high quality programs for teachers, enriching their professional development, and enabling them to teach more effectively.  
Maine Model United Nations
The Maine Model United Nations Program teaches high school students the importance of global awareness, global citizenship, and diplomacy. Since 1999, this program has worked to strengthen international education in Maine by supporting the development of Model United Nations in high schools across New England. The programs also seeks to ensure that the conference is accessible to students from all communities and backgrounds. The program is passionate about delegate experience, and dedicated to providing exceptional support to student and educators.
NAFSA - Preparing Globally Competent Teachers

The NAFSA website is filled with resources regarding the integration of international competency into educational settings. NAFSA's Preparing Globally Competent Teachers, linked to above, provides a detailed explanation of what it means to teach global competency; how teachers can incorporate global education into their coursework; and access to further information resources.
National Geographic Teaching Resources
This National Geographic website incorporates K-12 resources related to global energy, geographical compromises and conflicts, protecting the environment, and cross cultural understanding.
New York Times' The Learning Network
The New York Times' The Learning Network provides teaching materials and ideas based on New York Times content.  Teachers can use or adapt the lesson plans for subjects across the curriculum. Students can respond to Opinion Questions, take News Quizzes, learn the Word of the Day, try Test Yourself Questions, or read the Poetry Pairings.
Partnership for 21st Century Skills
The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is a national organization advocating for 21st century readiness in every student. 21st Century Skills has created an educational framework encompassing core curriculum while intertwining the importance of interdisciplinary themes such as global awareness and economic, civic, and environmental literacy.
The PBS website provides multiple outlets for resources pertaining to enhancing global education in the classroom. The site offers lesson plans; interactive online simulations; offline projects; articles; and audio and video feeds, all tailored to educators' searches.

Seeds of Peace Educator Programs
Seeds of Peace Educator Programs seek to inspire and equip educators in conflict regions with the relationships, understanding, and skills needed to transform schools and communities and contribute to a culture of peace. These programs primarily relate to one of four categories: Local Capacity-Building; Cross-Border Network and Training; Community and Youth Engagement; and Curriculum and Resources.

Southern Center for International Studies-World in Transition Series
This nonprofit educational institution is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and dedicated to increasing the public's awareness and understanding of other countries, international issues, and the global environment. Its primary mission is to internationalize the thinking of Americans.

Teacher Abroad: A Global Education Resource Guide
This global education resource guide, created by a Maine teacher, serves as an introduction to the study and promotion of globalized education. It is meant to introduce Maine teachers and community members to globalized pedagogy and invite ideas, suggestions, and collaboration in the area of globalizing curriculum.  The guide provides rationales for, and an introduction to, Global Competency. The site also provides a list of public and private community and state-based organizations dedicated to global communication and collaboration, to assist teachers in locating speakers or professional development opportunities on international subjects.
United Nations Association of Maine

The Maine Chapter of the National United Nations Association is dedicated to informing, inspiring, and mobilizing Americans to support the ideals and vital work of the United Nations. Their mission includes youth engagement, advocacy efforts, education programs, and public events.
Wilson Center CONTEXT Series
CONTEXT is a series of concise, intelligent, hi-definition video interviews, drawing on the expertise of Wilson Center scholars, fellows, staff, and visiting experts. These videos provide unique perspectives, insight, and analysis of the stories and events shaping our world. Each interview is split up into short clips, focusing on vital information. The CONTEXT Series is a partnership between the Wilson Center and the World Affairs Councils of America.

WorldQuest is an international trivia competition hosted by the World Affairs Council of Maine each February. Teams are composed of students, friends, business associates, and individuals of all ages, competing for serious bragging rights. The first place winner of the high school division has the opportunity to compete in the national WorldQuest contest later that spring.
4eSolutions: Global Educational and Economic Development Solutions
This consultancy is focused on bringing global ideas of equity,empowerment, education, and economics into local classrooms. 4eSolutions' website is composed of iGlobal classroom programs and projects aimed at global education and economic development solutions.  

DisclaimerInformation on these programs and organizations is being provided as a service to World Affairs Council members and educators. It should in no way be construed as endorsement or advocacy by the Council of any views or positions expressed by the organizations.

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