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  • Arctic Opportunities: Exploring New Passages for Business Growth in the Arctic & North Atlantic

Arctic Opportunities: Exploring New Passages for Business Growth in the Arctic & North Atlantic

  • Thu, October 19, 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Verrill Dana, One Portland Sq., Portland

Verrill Dana LLP, is pleased to present a full day seminar on

Arctic Opportunities: Exploring New Passages for Business Growth in the Arctic & North Atlantic

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Verrill Dana LLP, One Portland Sq., Portland
9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Free and open to public!

Changes in the shipping routes have placed Maine businesses on the doorstep of the Arctic and Northern Europe. Thanks to the addition of Eimskip, it now costs less to ship a container to Norway than it does to truck it to Maryland. Is your business ready to take advantage of these new opportunities?

In early October, more than 50 professionals from Maine traveled to the Arctic Council Assembly in Iceland, returning with a fresh take on opportunities for the business community here. Please join Verrill Dana  for a full day seminar exploring how your business or industry sector can take advantage of these opportunities.

Topics will include:

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Business Support & Grants

  • Investment & Finance

  • Economic Landscape - Where can Maine industries compete? Aquaculture? Infrastructure? Breweries? Tourism?

  • Trade & Tax Issues


Transportation & Logistics 
Learn how goods move through the Arctic and North Atlantic, and Maine’s growing importance as a jumping off point for goods bound for Greenland, Iceland, and Northern Europe. 
• John Nass, Maine Department of Transportation 
• Larus Isfled, Eimskip USA 

Business Support & Grants 
Don’t go it alone. Help is available in the form of grants, loans, and matchmaking services, which will help you find business partners in the markets you target. 
• Dana Eidsness, Maine North Atlantic Development Office 

Investment & Finance 
If you recognize opportunities in the region, you are not alone. Learn about what segments of the economy are exciting to professional investors and hear the perspective of the local commercial banking community. 

Trade & Tax Issues 
Not all goods are treated equally in all countries. Make sure you understand how local laws, taxes, and duties will affect your plans. 
• Kelly L’Heureux, OCEANAIR Inc. 

Keynote Address: Arctic Development from the Greenland Perspective 
• Kuno Fencker, Greenland Trading 
• Pele Broberg, Greenland Trading 

Economic Landscapes 
In these breakout sessions, attendees will explore how opportunities in the Arctic will affect the economic landscape in their particular industries, including: 

• Craft Food & Beverage – Why will aquaculture will be a critical industry for the future of Maine and the Arctic? Why did we send all that beer to Iceland? 
o Barry Costa-Pierce, University of New England 
o Brandon Mazer, Shipyard Brewing Company 
• Infrastructure & Construction – Will Greenland be the next Iceland? If so, they will need a lot of help in the form of investments in infrastructure and construction. 
o Dana Eidsness, Maine North Atlantic Development Office 
• Technology, Research, & Citizen Science – It’s happening now. Governments and other institutions are investing in technology to define the future of the Arctic. The public wants to get involved too. 
o Charles Norchi, University of Maine School of Law 
o Harlan Doliner, Verrill Dana 

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Verrill Dana LLP - Attorneys at Law

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